Our mission is to create vibrant communities by offering models and consulting for educating children, so their unique gifts are fostered and shine.



"Getting Started" Homeschooling Consult

Transitioning to homeschooling can be very overwhelming – especially if you weren't planning on it in the first place.

We will help you find the options that will be the most supportive to you and your child. We see homeschooling as an incredible opportunity to meet the needs of each unique child based on their learning style, interests and curiosities.

We also believe that the weight of education doesn't need to be all on the parent,  this is why we provide creative solutions for everyone to get their needs met and feel supported.

Homeschool Cooperative or Education Center Consulting

Co-ops are great for creating a sense of community and to help lighten the load of homeschooling.

A co-op can also be a great way to create a learning community that is inexpensive and affords you the time to do the adult things you need or want to do.

There are a number of models for co-ops that meet each groups unique needs. We will help you find the right  one for you and how to set it up for success.

Community Resilience Consulting

Coming Soon...

~ Santa Cruz ~. Visionary Village Education Resource Center

The Bay Area's Premiere Homeschool Resource Center.

Visionary Village Santa Cruz has experiences, events and learning opportunities for all ages and stages.

We offer both academic classes and a variety of special interest classes for ages 1.5 years old - 18 years old, 5 days a week with the option to come as little or as much as you like.

Together we have so many resources to share to make a dynamic, enlivening, loving and educational experience for our children, ourselves and extended community.

Join us in our Santa Cruz community!


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